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Full Proof Tricks For Leak Proof PTFE Ring Gaskets

Full Proof Tricks For Leak Proof PTFE Ring Gaskets

Gaskets are the best option to seal the liquids in the pipelines and prevent it from coming out. However, when there is the time extreme pressure only well-installed gaskets withstand else they simply leak out or blow out through the cracks between the two mating parts. Pranjal Polymers is the best manufacturers of Flange Guards, PTFE Bellows, Spray Guards, PP Flange Guards, Earthing Jumpers and various other PTFE products to give you complete protection from the leakage of harmful chemicals. For a great leak proof seal, you should choose the gasket with the suitable material as per the application use of the product.

Some Tips To Make Your Industrial Gasket Application Leak Proof:-

  • Choose the material that has low required seating stress so it can easily conforms the flange joints. The material you have chosen should be impermeable and able to flow into the joints perfectly. It should have ability to seal the liquid despite of variation in the temperature and pressure.
  • Be generous with the bolts and do not tighten them more than required enough to hold it in the place. The clamping force must be enough to seat the gasket and not to blow it out. Balancing the clamping force make the material less prone to leak.
  • Lay the product as close as possible to the inner bolt parts. This helps to reduce the flange distortion while letting the gasket breath in.

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